We are a family owned and operated business in Coos County, Oregon. All building/puzzles/themes are thought of and built from scratch by us. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share the experience with others.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a 60-minute, immersive, real-time, adventure game - like a real life scavenger hunt! It is a whole new way of experiencing storytelling - helping you feel like you’re actually living out the story of your mission. Escape rooms combine a social aspect with interactive adventures and challenging puzzles, and immerse you and your team in an entirely new world with fun storylines.

Once in the room, players must work together to explore the area, solve challenging puzzles, uncover hidden clues, complete tasks, and take part in challenges which will allow progression in the game. Each discovery brings you closer to completing the mission. In our rooms, the “escape” is more mission-oriented, which may entail finding lost gold, or completing a heist!

Don’t worry, you are NOT LOCKED in the room! You can leave any time you need to. You also won’t be left totally alone in the escape room - you and your team will be helped through your mission by a GameMaster, the escape room staff member who helps you throughout the game. They will monitor your game through cameras and microphones in the room. If you want a clue, your GameMaster is the one who will give it to you. The GameMaster also may volunteer a few extra tips to help your team throughout your adventure. Escape rooms are meant to be challenging, but still fun and solvable!

After your group watches a very short video that explains the rules and a bit about the game, you will be taken to your room and then, when you step into the escape room, you are instantly transported into a different world. Once your 60 minute countdown starts, you’ll be directly interacting with the items in the room to uncover all the clues and solve the games! Don’t forget to observe details, and look for patterns, interesting similarities, or something that just doesn’t fit - everything you notice is a potential clue and a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Playing an escape room requires teamwork, observation, speed, creativity, and patience. There’s a collaborative effort involved - team members (between 3 and 8 people) need to communicate with each other. Some members of your team, for example, may be good at puzzles, some may be a whiz at solving clues, and some are great at communicating with other members of the team. Escape rooms are perfect for having a great time with your family and friends, on family vacations, or for corporate team-building. The whole team will have fun and make memories that you will share for a long time. The spirit and fun of an escape room is infectious!

What happens if you don’t complete the escape room in time? That's ok! You didn't reach your objective, didn't finish the mission, or the alarm went off right before you reached your goal? It's all good! Your GameMaster will meet you at the end of the game even if you haven't solved all of the puzzles yet. While it is exciting to be able to successfully solve all puzzles, escape rooms are still lots of fun for groups who don’t manage to make it out during their first attempt–it gives them a goal to work towards the next time they come and play!